2022 Corporate Sustainability and social Report

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Tom Greco
Tom Greco President & Chief Executive Officer

2022 Corporate Sustainability and Social Report

At Advance, our mission is Passion for Customers…Passion for YES!, meaning we help motorists solve challenges and get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. In 2022, our mission did not change, even as the world around us continued to evolve, whether it be socially, economically or environmentally. Record high inflation, global supply chain constraints and labor market shifts marked a challenging year for many around the world, including us. Our longstanding commitment to corporate sustainability helped us to adapt to the rapid pace of change as we continued to care for our team members, planet and communities. I believe this strong track record in environmental, social and governance (ESG) also will help us continue to drive Advance’s success in years to come



At Advance, our team members are motivated by a passion to serve our customers and address their needs. Ensuring we attract, retain and develop great talent is one way we can say “yes” to our customers more often.


Reducing emissions and waste not only conserves natural resources and supports the health of our planet, it also helps achieve operational efficiency and reduces costs. At a time when leading scientists concur that further action is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change, ensuring Advance has a robust environmental sustainability program aimed at conserving energy and recycling is as important as ever.


Through the work of the Advance Auto Parts Foundation and Advance Auto Parts corporate, we continued to channel funds to nonprofits in three critical areas: military veterans, education/job readiness and community health. Importantly, we sought to support meaningful programmatic work that not only fulfilled unmet needs but was measurable in its impact.


At Advance, we believe that strong corporate governance practices enhance our ability to create long-term value and support our performance and growth in an ethical and sustainable manner.